Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is my order confirmation?

Where is my order confirmation?

This is automatically sent to your email address when you place an order. If you haven’t received your order confirmation within 24 hours, please get in touch at info.astrosnacks@gmail.com just in case there’s a problem with your order. Please check your mailbox’s spam or junk folder before contacting in case the order confirmation has been diverted there.

How do I cancel my order?

We cannot cancel an order 72hrs after you purchased. If you contact us straight away after ordering or before 72hrs has passed, via info.astrosnacks@gmail.com we should be able to cancel your order. Please note when cancelling an order you will be subjected to our cancellation and restock fee. If 72hr have passed, or if we have began processing your order or already scheduled a pick up for your purchase, then we unfortunately cannot cancel.There are no returns on candy items due to health and safety concerns. Thank you for understanding. 

Can I alter my order?

Sadly, we’re unable to modify your order once we’ve shipped it. If you need to order a greater quantity or an additional product, please place a new order online or contact us via our contact form in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. If we have not shipped your order yet you can add to it or modify it by placing a second order (we will refund any extra shipping costs) or we may send you an invoice for your additional products if you'd rather. 

When will my order arrive after it ships?

It depends on your location! 

Once shipped all Canadian orders will arrive within 2-6 business days.

If you are in the US you can expect your order to take 4-6 business days depending on the time of year/holidays.

You will receive a tracking number once your package has shipped. We make no guarantees and will accept no liability for a longer shipping time frame. 
If you are international to us we will provide you with a tracking number once shipped so that you can keep an eye on when it should be arriving. Typically it can take up to 10 business days to arrive once shipped.

How long does it take for you to process my order?

We take 2-3 business days to process orders (give or take - this is an estimated timeframe) since we have a high demand for our candy. We ship every business day and have USPS and CANADA POST shipping trucks arriving to pick up orders daily. We make no guarantees and will accept no liability for a longer processing or shipping timeframes, especially in high demand times such as hoildays.

Breakage & Melted Products During Shipment

We will not and cannot accept any responsibility for changes to products' shape, textures, forms etc. that can be expected to happen to food or drink during shipment. This includes melting of chocolates and candies being shipped to warmer locations - as we do not control the weather. 

This also includes the crushing/breakage that may occure with shipping freeze dried sweets. Freeze dried is known for it's more fragile nature and this means it can break in shipment. We will not, under any circumstances, issue a refund or replacement for damage that can be expected to occue to food and freeze dried items during shipment that doesn't affect the customers ability to consume and enjoy the product as intended (for it's taste). If your items have broken during shipment, we promise they will still taste just as good as they did prior to shipment when they weren't broken. 

Do keep this in mind when ordering. 

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! We now ship worldwide!